Kraftringen – The first company in the world to put eco-labels on their fuel pumps

Kraftringen is an energy company in southernmost Sweden. From July 6th 2020 there will be eco-labels on their biomethane and charging stations, showing the climate intensity, raw materials and origin of the fuel. To our best knowledge, Kraftringen is the first company in the world to offer such consumer information. Similar eco-labels will be mandatory in Sweden from October 1st 2021. 

Eco-Label on a filling station for biomethane run by Kraftringen in Lund, Sweden. Photo: Alftred Andersson/The Green Motorists (click for high res)

From October 1st 2021, fuel retailers in Sweden must put eco-labels on their fuel pumps, methane-dispensers and charging stations. They will show the climate intensity of the fuel, together with its renewable share and its raw materials. The ordinance should have come into force May 1st 2020. However, the EU-commission objected last fall to the mandatory disclosure of the country of origin of the fuel, which caused the delay.

The energy company Kraftringen (Power circle) does not want to wait until next year. They put eco-labels on their biomethane and charging stations on a voluntary basis already from July 6th 2020.

Kraftringen sells renewable fuels only, and is proud of the products they offer. Eco-labels of the Swedish type thus fulfil a double purpose: they provide a warning against fossil fuels with high climate intensity and unsustainable origin, and they advertise renewable and sustainable fuels.

The data shown on the eco-labels by Kraftringen are reported to and approved by the Swedish Energy Agency, and apply to the sales during 2019. The climate intensity of the biomethane and electricity is calculated in a life cycle perspective (well-to-wheels) according to the methodology determined by the European Union.

Marie Pellas is the chairperson of the Green Motorists:

– Someone has to take the first step and inspire the rest of us. The Green Motorists hope that more fuel companies follow the example of Kraftringen. They plant a small seed that may grow into something big.


The coloured bar shows the greenhouse gas emissions per unit energy of biomethane or electricity in life cycle perspective, where green is low and red is high. Fossil petrol and diesel would be placed on the red upper end of the scale. The biomethane label (left) says that the fuel is 100 percent renewable, and is made from agricultural products in Denmark and Sweden. The label on the charging stations (right) says that the electricity is 100 percent renewable, and is produced in Sweden.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger praises the Swedish initiative.

The importance of taking the lead and being an inspiration

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Eco-labels on a filling station for biomethane and a charging station for for electric cars in Lund, Sweden, both run by Kraftringen. Photos: Alfred Andersson/The Green Motorists (Click for high res)

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