Welcome to the Swedish Association of Green Motorists!

To many of us the car means an increased freedom. To get out on the countryside, to work, the day nursery, to visit relatives and friends. In sparsely populated areas is the car almost indispensable. At the same time do we know that the use of cars is one of the worst environmental problems, especially in big cities.

The Swedish Association of Green Motorists:
  • wants to bring the development of the road-traffic into line with the environment.
  • influences car- and transportindustries, authorities and politicians with reports, meetings and letters.
  • is a member of The National Society for Road Safety (NTF).  
  • produces a newsletter called Trafik & Miljö (Traffic & Environment). 
  • participates in The Swedish EnviroNet.    


Read the Swedish Green Motorists' views.

Briefly on what we are and what we do

Gröna Bilister (The Swedish Association of Green Motorists) was founded in 1994. It is a small non-governmental organisation (1 000 members) and based very much on voluntary work. The aim is to make road transport more friendly to the environment and to promote public transport and bicycling as alternatives, particularly in urban areas.  

Domestically we publish an annual report on the environmental performance of new car models and label the best as "a good environmental choice". We also produce guidelines for towns and municipalities on how to integrate transport issues in the local Agenda 21.

We make special efforts trying to create car sharing systems in Stockholm and elsewhere.

Another activity is to make state agencies, regional authorities and local communities include more of environmental demands and safety requirements in public procurement of vehicles, fuels and transport services.

Gröna Bilister publishes a quarterly magazine, called "Trafik & Miljö" (Transport and the Environment), which is distributed to all members and approximately 1 000 influential people in industry, government, science and the media.

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