Welcome to the Swedish Association of Green Motorists

The Swedish Association of Green Motorists is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation that tries to pave the way for a mobility that is adjusted to the planetary boundaries, the scarce space of the cities, and the needs of the countryside. We work for a sustainable mobility for everyone, regardless place of residence and economic situation.

Exclusive greeting from Arnold Schwarzenegger: Read more here

The Swedish Association of Green Motorists (Gröna Bilister) provides consumer information about cars in particular and transport in general, with a focus on environment, climate and health. We also suggest and promote sustainable policy in these areas. In addition, we scrutinize car companies, fuel companies and other companies related to transport.

Among our recurring activites we may mention that we

  • Test alternative fuel cars, electric bikes and other vehicles, as well as mobility services.
  • Award Miljöbästa bil (The green car of the year in Sweden).
  • Arrange the yearly conference Mobilitet & Beteende (Mobility & Behaviour), to which we invite international keynote speakers.
  • Publish books, reports and articles. The latest book is called Mobilisten (The Mobilist). It offers insights and practical information about how to become a mobilist – a person who is mobile without owning a private car.
  • Publish the magazine Trafik & Miljö (Transport & Environment) and a monthly newsletter.

The Swedish Association of Green Motorists was founded in 1994 with support from the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (Naturskyddsföreningen) and WWF in Sweden. We only accept private citizens as members, but form partnerships with other organisations and companies.

Dale Bracewell, Manager of Transportation Planning in Vancouver, Canada, speaks at the conference Mobility & Behaviour 2017 in Uddevalla, Sweden.

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